A Quick Primer to the Best of Australia’s Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast has a reputation for being the “ultimate fun in the Southern Frontier’ among avid globetrotters. This stems from the fact that there is no shortage of fun-filled activities to indulge in and exciting places to see, or luxury accommodation Gold Coast to enjoy. Nonetheless, as much as this is a gem of bucket-list experiences, there are places here that shouldn’t miss on your itinerary.

The Gold Coast Beaches

The Gold Coast Beaches are not only world renowned but also some of the safest coastlines of the otherwise frigid Pacific. Geographically, we are talking about more than 70kms of pristine white sandy beaches bordering a picturesque turquoise sea. If anything, these beaches are so attractive and inviting that it is easy to be tempted to spend your entire vacation in this surfer’s paradise. And while some are suitable for simple family excursions, sunbathing, sightseeing and outings, others are the perfect backdrop for surfing. A good pick of these includes Budds Beach, Rainbow Bay, Greenmount Beach, Main Beach and Broadwater. Speaking of Broadwater, it’s more of a stretch of a tidal pool than a beach. It’s quite popular among swimmers, jet ski riders, and kayakers for its lack of dangerous or intimidating waves.

The Wildlife and an Awe-inspiring Terrain

It is a pleasant surprise that Gold Coast is also home to a decent picking of natural wildlife sanctuaries and protected National Parks. These form the perfect scenery and milieu for adrenaline-dripping outdoor adventures such as rope climbing, hiking, bird watching, jogging and cave explorations. So, as soon as you’ve had your fill of the magnificent beach, wind your way up the O’Reillys, catch a breath of fresh air, stroll in the rainforest and enjoy the treetop and boardwalk experience. You can go a step further and scale the viewing tower to test your mettle before stopping by an alpaca farm to tour the Vineyard at the foot of the mountain. And if you’re lucky, you might chance on duck-billed platypus by the creek. The Springbrook National Park on the other end of the spectrum offers exhilarating views of crystal clear rapids and falls. A typical scenic example is the Purlingbrook Falls.

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Theme Parks

Like any top-tier tourist haven, Gold Coast is also famous for its memorable Theme Parks. As such, it is almost impossible to visit this part of the world without stumbling upon and experiencing Movie World, Wet n Wild, Sea World, and Dreamworld. These theme parks provide the much-needed refreshing escape from the sweltering heat at the beach or the damp, moist engulfing aura in the rainforests. What’s more, there are a few checkout pass options available online and at the gate that can significantly reduce the cost of accessing multiple theme parks.

Gold Coast offers such an irresistible combination of all the exciting experiences and adventurous that one would expect from a premier world-class tourist destination. And as a unique bonus, you’ll also have the chance to intermingle with native Australia flora and fauna; hang out with the mysterious Kangaroos, cuddle that cute Koala and see a Tasmanian Devil at close range.